Say Bonjour to Claude...

Claude “La camionette” our chic mademoiselle, très belle with her white facial maquillage :) and sporting a sassy red play suit, trimmed with white cuffs is a companion “magnifique” for that perfect day. Whether spring, summer, autumn our even winter, mademoiselle brings a sense of vivacité to all occasions. Claude hails from a era of rural simplicity, when Citreon vans traversed the french countryside, and Edith Piaf’s No Regrets could be heard along the airwaves.

Claude embodies, style and sophistication but above all a sense of joie de vivre, brightening dull days, raising spirits and relaxing weary minds, bodies and souls.

Come join Claude and her team at an event near you, or why not drop her a line to see how she can give your event a certain “je ne sais quoi..” Vive La France :)