Not just a sparkling wine...

We specialise in Crémant, a French sparkling wine, not as well known as Prosecco, which has become for many, a household favourite. Crémant derives mostly from France and is produced in much the same way as Champagne. Do not be fooled, Crémant is not “poor man’s champagne”. In France and in neighbouring Luxembourg, Crémant is quaffed in many an establishment of choice, for the discerning, the fun seekers and those just out for a quiet drink. Crémant is little known in the UK yet… but we think that this is all about to change. In recent years the quality of crémant wine which is made in the same bottle-fermented way as those more well known sparkling wines in the northern part of France has improved a lot, yet it is still significantly cheaper to buy.

So what actually is cremant?

"Crémant" (pronounced "cray-mont") is less bubbly than champagne and prosecco. It has a more subtle fizz, not so intense that it goes up your nose! The Loire region is the biggest producer of sparkling wine outside of Champagne, and from where many bottles of cremant originate.

The way cremant is made, is the méthode champenoise, but it is not of the Champagne region and it is not necessarily made from the traditional Champagne variety grapes. Some cremants are made from Pinot Blanc, Riesling or Pinot Gris.

Why French?

Inspired by our love of all things from France, we wanted to help introduce a drink to the UK that we have enjoyed while holidaying in France.

We know so many of you have fallen in love with prosecco these last few years, and so we firmly believe that once you’ve tried crémant, there will be no going back for you.

And here’s the fun bit...

If you’re interested in where it comes from and you know your grapes and French regions, that’s great but… if not, just come along and enjoy a glass or two with us and you can decide for yourself whether you feel like you’re being transported to the valleys of the Loire, or wandering through the famous vineyards of Burgundy or observing the historical monuments of Alsace. The main thing is, we want you to enjoy it!!!

Bottoms up…..